Scenarios for Aug 15th Tournie

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Scenarios for Aug 15th Tournie Empty Scenarios for Aug 15th Tournie

Post  Inquisitor Gribardson on Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:54 pm

So far I have 2 down, and still kinda fiddlin with a third. Im putting these out there so people can play test them and see what you think. And yes there will be a story attached to each for the fluffmasters out there.

Scenario 1: Low Gravity Environment
Deployment- Long table edges. Roll to see who deploys first and goes first as normal.

Game Length: 6 turns

Special Rules: Any run or fleet moves on a roll of 1, all models in the unit must make a dangerous terrain test, but still move 1"
Any doubles (even if testing on 3d6) on difficult terrain test, all models in the unit must make a dangerous terrain test.

Victory Conditions:
+1 Kill Point per unit 50% or higher in enemy deployment zone.
+1 Kill Point for each mobile vehicle (non dedicated transport) in the enemy deployment zone

5 Points for having a unit(of any size) or vehicle in enemy deployment zone
5 Points for having the most units and vehicles in enemy deployment zone
10 Points for most Kill Points

Scenario 2: Snag the devices

Deployment: Long table edges. Roll to see who deploys and goes first as normal.

Game Length: Random as per rulebook

Special Rules:
Before Deployment and before table sides are chosen, place 4 objectives on the table. Each player puts down 2, alternating. Each objective can not be within 12" of a table edge nor within 12" of another objective.

To capture an objective, any non-vehicle unit must move onto the objective. The unit then stops and no further movement can be done that turn. If the unit has more than 1 model, designate which model has it. A unit may not be embarked in a transport and capture the objective at the same time. However, a unit can embark in later turns.

A unit that has an objective cannot move more than 6" per turn.

At the end of a player's movement phase, roll a d6 for each unit within 3 inches of an objective. If a unit is within 3" of more than 1 objective, they would roll multiple times. Add 1 for each inch the unit is away from the objective. The unit with the objective subtracts 1 for each additional turn past the first the unit has had the objective. Consult the chart below:
1 or less: Frenzy! The unit immediatly moves 6" towards the nearest enemy, disembarking if necessary. If the unit contacts an enemy unit from this move, it counts as a charge, in addition they gain furious charge if they do not already have it.
2: Infighting: Each model in the unit makes full attacks against its own unit. This can cause the unit to Fall Back.
3: The unit cannot do anything for the rest of the turn, if in close combat, count as WS 1 and cannot attack back.
4: The unit becomes fearless.
5: The unit gains a 5+ Invulnerable save
6: The unit gains Feels No Pain

A unit that Falls Back, immediatly drops the objective.

Victory Conditions: Whoever has the most objectives at the end, wins.

4 Points for capturing an objective at some point in the game.
4 Points for winning
Bonus Points: 3 Points for each objective held at the end.

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