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Because SafteyLock doesnt like our forums anymore Empty Because SafteyLock doesnt like our forums anymore

Post  Inquisitor Gribardson on Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:10 pm

Reposted from Safetylock's email

Rumors brought to the community by Warseer's: Shadowphract

The Sons of Russ are on the move. The little Space Wolves breadcrumbes dropped here and there in recent publications are coming to fruition.

Latest sources say look for the Australian release date the first week of October.

Following up on last month's Spaces Wolves chatter, we get these little nuggets of Warhammer 40k joy fresh off the rumormill...

-If drop pods are taken, the whole army must take them.

-Bjorn the Fellhanded has AV14 on all sides, better stats.

-There is some mad Wulfen character, who has his own personal drop pod. He can choose who he fights in combat, like a challenge in WFB. No-one else can fight him apart from the person he's attacking, unless said model is killed, in which case his squad can then attack him.

-All rules for Named Characters have been rebuffed - all of them can take terminator armour for +50 points. All Named Characters models are getting re-done, if not for the actual release then in subsequent releases.

-Any character can take terminator for 50pts, which includes weapons.

-Runic weapons I believe function as Relic blades, but with something else quite snazzy.

-Wolf Guard (in terminator armour) with lightning claws rack up 6 attacks on the charge each. A very broken thing to do (think this ill be omitted from the final codex) is put them with Ragnar Blackmane, who gives them Fleet of foot and rending, though dont' quote me on rending.

-Wolf guard in terminator armour with lightning claws are costing 60 points.

-Individual Wolf Guard can replace squad leaders - all should look individual.

-No model in the SW codex at all has the option to take a thunderhammer and storm shield.

-Wolf Scouts won't be troops.

-Wulfen are back in and TH SS combo isn't an entry, I believe.

-Wolf Guard as squad leaders are goign to be very indivudiaul - they're encouragin player sot model each like a "captain" if you will - very individual - a veteran - personal trophies and the like.

-From the recent space marine models (barring Hestan) they are shaping up to be very nice. Complete overhaul - as it should be. Blackmane is getting redone. As is Logan Grimnar. And the Wolf Priest Character as well.

~Standard caveats on these, but BoLS has been hearing for some time, that the Space Wolves are coming this year. I'm liking the all or nothing drop-pod rule, to take the Wolves anti-teleportation superstition into account. The no TH/SS is also interesting, but maybe they could get some other new crazy viking combo like PW/SS or even TH/SB. finally the inclusion of Wulfen is a nice repreive for all of those 13th Company modelers and players. Have at it guys!

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Because SafteyLock doesnt like our forums anymore Empty Re: Because SafteyLock doesnt like our forums anymore

Post  littleboyblues on Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:26 am

Yea I sent him an email asking him the use the new forums.

We can't loose are YEEEEHAAAAA kid or we have nothing left.

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